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National Sameday on Top of the World

Managing Director successfully summits Mount Everest

Partha summited Mount Everest at 7.20am on 20th May 2011 and stood at 8,850m – 29,035ft above sea level.

Partha spent 54 days in the Himalayas climbing the 29,000ft peak. He lost seven kilos in weight and on the last leg climbed for 19 hours surviving on just three
jelly babies.

He said: “It was incredibly hard and very dangerous. There were eight deaths on the mountain during my expedition and I passed a man on the way up kneeling who I found out later had been dead for two days. “But our planning was meticulous and we waited for the weather to change before the final ascent so that we had enough time to climb to the top and come down safely.”